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Marcos Taquechel RN, CNS


his blog is written from a health care perspective but aimed at helping lay people with diabetes find answers to their questions. I am not diabetic but I work with diabetics and see their struggles on a daily basis. I like to present alternatives and inspire changes that could ameliorate or revert the diabetes. My posts are backed by scientific research and the contribution of people who are dealing with the condition. Scientific papers are reviewed and re written in a quick and easy way to assimilate.

My emphasis is on diet and exercises and I’m building a complete database of anti diabetic herbs. My idea is to organize, review and present new and existing media so that it can be used efficiently and safely. In no way I am prescribing medications or treatments or making diagnoses. Check with your physician before you decide to use any new form of diabetes treatment or the termination of any existing ones.

After working with diabetes management in Oakland CA I realized how important diabetes education is. I was also surprised to see that the general level of information about diabetes is very low. I noticed that pre-diabetics could revert their condition quite quickly by making modifications on diet and starting vigorous exercises. Knowledge of diabetes process is key in implementing theses changes.

This blog is a labor of love. There is no advertising or get rich quick scams. If you buy one of the products through the Amazon link I’ll make a small commission and that may help to pay some of the costs of keeping this site on the air. Thank you


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