D iabetes is a constant and increasing treat to public health. Since the 1960’s diabetes numbers have skyrocketed in the U.S. and the world. In the U.S. alone a total of 29.1 million or 9.3% of the population have been diagnosed. About 8.1 million people don’t know they have it (CDC). In the world [...]

"One man's journey to save his life became his passion to save the lives of others." I n 2011 celebrity chef and best selling author Charles Mattocks was shocked and frightened when he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He realized how little he knew about the disease that claims the lives of millions each year. [...]

T here are some who still believe sugar consumption does not trigger diabetes. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) says that. That's incredible. Some even think sugar is a important nutrient. There is a belief out there that if you don't eat glucose or carbohydrates you'll die. There is also another belief that if you eat fat you will [...]

D iabetes is a killer disease and an old problem but in the past not many people had it. Diabetes type 2 is pandemic today so it must have something to do with our new ways of life. We can go on forever reading studies and listen to new theories. But the truth is that, the cutting [...]

India's march to wealth and prosperity also brought along diabetes as an uninvited guest.  India is radically changing its traditional ways and adopting the west as a model. The result is a course collision with one of the deadliest and most deceiving diseases of our time. The poor is affected but the wealthy are too; diabetes in India [...]

This is very important because weight lifting and muscle building might be one of the most significant actions you can do to help revert or prevent diabetes. In order to do it right we need to have amazing discipline, motivation and most importantly keep track of what we are doing. Working out at the gym cannot produce [...]

Diabetes might be one of the most mishandled public health disaster in recent history. The medical establishment might be doing everything wrong when it comes to managing diabetes. And the reason is because one of the main causes of diabetes is  hyperinsulinemia, a condition characterized by too much insulin in the system; but no one is talking about reducing [...]

One misunderstood aspect of diabetes management is our energy production and energy consumption modes. We should pay extra attention to how we create and utilize energy from the foods we eat. How we generate energy from these foods can directly impact diabetes and glucose control. Most anti diabetic diets are focused on calorie count as a way to control [...]

Ketogenic diet is essentially a diet high in fat and low in carbohydrates. A classic ketogenic diet consist of a 4:1 or 3:1 ratio. Three to four parts fat to one part protein and carbohydrates. All starchy foods, fruits, vegetables, bread, pasta, grains and sugar are removed. Fats such as meats, cheese, cream, butter and nuts [...]

Can diabetes be cured?

This is an important question, one not fully answered most of the times. In order to address this question correctly, we first need to define what diabetes cure is. We increasingly see advertisements, posts and even scientific articles, promising diabetes "remission" or "cure". Diabetes web pages are flooded with miracle supplements, herbs and special diets and [...]

C onsuming fat alone does not raise blood sugar levels; carbohydrates you eat along with fat does. Consumption of saturated or unsaturated fats do not raise your blood sugar because calories from fat are not converted into glucose immediately. They are turned into energy by a process called gluconeogenesis which takes place in the liver[1,3,6]. Your [...]

I f you have diabetes, you might have wondered why you have this condition after all. Did I inherited diabetes from my parents? The answer is yes and no. If you have diabetes type I the answer is yes; but if you have type II then the lines are blurry. Genetics lifestyle walk hand in [...]

T here is a lot of talk about immune system boosting but this system is more complex then it appears. The supplement industry offers immune booster but the immune system is more complex than that and it is after all - a system. Unfortunately our medical establishment does not pay too much attention to prevention, exercise, nutrition [...]

M editation is no longer something strange or esoteric, lots of people do it and the health benefits of meditation are well known by even the most traditional health care practitioners. Health benefits of meditation are found across a wide spectrum with many claiming a variety of positive results. From lowering stress to regulating hormonal functioning everyone [...]

White flour and diabetes

M ost people don't think twice about taking a bite from bread or pastry made from white flour. Delicious baked goods stare at us from the beautiful showcases at the bakery and deli and say "eat me". White flour makes everything more tasty and visually more appealing then the rough and dark whole wheat flour. [...]

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