D iabetes is a killer disease and an old problem but in the past not many people had it. Diabetes type 2 is pandemic today so it must have something to do with our new ways of life. We can go on forever reading studies and listen to new theories. But the truth is that, the cutting [...]

The first step to positively deal with diabetes related anxiety is to look at it, to simply look at it. Instead of running away from fear we can jump right into fear and get in touch with it. The idea here is not to confront your fears with aggression: confrontation brings conflict, the best is to just [...]

T here is a lot of talk about immune system boosting but this system is more complex then it appears. The supplement industry offers immune booster but the immune system is more complex than that and it is after all - a system. Unfortunately our medical establishment does not pay too much attention to prevention, exercise, nutrition [...]

M editation is no longer something strange or esoteric, lots of people do it and the health benefits of meditation are well known by even the most traditional health care practitioners. Health benefits of meditation are found across a wide spectrum with many claiming a variety of positive results. From lowering stress to regulating hormonal functioning everyone [...]

Some friends ask me why I write about diabetes. I'm not diabetic and they want to know just what the motivation is. I keep writing but sometimes I do ask myself the same question. I'm not sure of everything but no one is and I'm thankful for that. I just know there is something important [...]