"One man's journey to save his life became his passion to save the lives of others." I n 2011 celebrity chef and best selling author Charles Mattocks was shocked and frightened when he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He realized how little he knew about the disease that claims the lives of millions each year. [...]

D iabetes is a killer disease and an old problem but in the past not many people had it. Diabetes type 2 is pandemic today so it must have something to do with our new ways of life. We can go on forever reading studies and listen to new theories. But the truth is that, the cutting [...]

White flour and diabetes

M ost people don't think twice about taking a bite from bread or pastry made from white flour. Delicious baked goods stare at us from the beautiful showcases at the bakery and deli and say "eat me". White flour makes everything more tasty and visually more appealing then the rough and dark whole wheat flour. [...]

An important part of diabetes management is to have a good idea of what glycemic index is and how it relates to the foods we eat. Instead of being super technical or having to take your calculator everywhere you go there there is a more pragmatic way to go about controlling your glycemic levels. I also don’t think [...]