T here are some who still believe sugar consumption does not trigger diabetes. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) says that. That's incredible. Some even think sugar is a important nutrient. There is a belief out there that if you don't eat glucose or carbohydrates you'll die. There is also another belief that if you eat fat you will [...]

Diabetes might be one of the most mishandled public health disaster in recent history. The medical establishment might be doing everything wrong when it comes to managing diabetes. And the reason is because one of the main causes of diabetes is  hyperinsulinemia, a condition characterized by too much insulin in the system; but no one is talking about reducing [...]

Extreme Weight Loss

Extreme Weight Loss: the show exposed something seldom talked about I just happened to turn on the TV and the ABC "Extreme Weight Loss" show was on, I just kept watching because something grabbed my attention. There was this juicy drama there, a struggle and a obesity issue that I find so important. So many people suffer from [...]

An important part of diabetes management is to have a good idea of what glycemic index is and how it relates to the foods we eat. Instead of being super technical or having to take your calculator everywhere you go there there is a more pragmatic way to go about controlling your glycemic levels. I also don’t think [...]

Diabetes education is one of the most important tools for diabetes management but perhaps the most important piece of knowledge you can have is to know what metabolic syndrome is. Diabetes is part of metabolic syndrome so to understand it is to understand diabetes and how it is shaped. A standard definition of metabolic syndrome adopted by [...]